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Learn how to bet on sports

LEARN how TO BeT ON SPORTS ANd WIN! WITH the wageringman the gUIDE TO SPORTS bETTINGAre you tired of losing your Money to the Sports Books every Year? Would you like to see better Growth of your Bankroll? Do you just want to Win more of your Bets? Well then we have the E-Book that will help you do just that The Wagering Man's Guide to Sports Betting.



e-Book Description

Learn how to bet on sports! Don’t ask others about how to bet online! This guide contains all the information that you need to become an expert online gambler.

The Wagering Man's Guide to Sports Betting , is a comprehensive study on learn how to bet on sports it will explain each type of wager completely, with real life examples, broken down into each part so even the first time better can understand it completely. In the book we go over all the main types of sports betting, from simple “Straight Bets” and “Parlays”, to the more complicated “Teasers”, “Pleasers”,and “If Bets”, and even the exotic “Reverses” and “Round Robins”. We show you how to develop your betting strategy and keep the records that will help you to win.

We go over how to understand the lines, and give you a Glossary so you can understand the terms.
There are nine chapters in total and each deal with a different feature of online gambling. Once you finish this e-book you will be ready to gamble online and win always.Here is a copy of the Table of Contents:

Chapter 1
Learn About THE LINES


Chapter 2
Straight Bets


Chapter 3


Chapter 4


Round Robins

Chapter 5
Learn About Teasers and Pleasers


Chapter 6
All about
If Bets


Chapter 7
Reverse Bets


Chapter 8 & 9
8 Strategy & Money Management & 9 Handicappers


let's get some Juice in! with the wagering man !
Perfection is achieved

How Do I Get a copy?

The question I get asked more than any other!

As you can see we cover all the things you need to know to get ahead in sports betting, we even talk about how to pick a Handicapper, in The Wagering Man's Guide to Sports Betting, you will learn what you have always needed to be a winner at sports betting, so get your copy today, and sign up for our FREE newsletter, to get even more help."

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This E-book is a true mine of knowledge for anyone

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About The Author

Mr H.M. Barnett Published Author

H.M. Barnett was born in Southern Arkansas right on the border, grew up in a town called Texarkana. Started in sales at a very young age with everything from greeting cards to newspapers to flea markets, always had a way with people. Worked a few years as A private armed officer, while in collage.

Them worked for 6 years as night time computer manager in the Texarkana National Bank and spent his days doing Sales and going to auctions, betting on sports, and learning about people and how they act. At 29 he left Arkansas and moved to Costa Rica and help one of the largest Sports Books in operation today, to get started, he worked for 4 football seasons as their Sales & Marketing Manger.

The Sports Book he helped to get started is a billion dollar book still in operation today. He then went out on his own and worked in marketing and investments, also doing training seminars for sales and marketing for several large Companies. Managed a few call centers, but he was always betting on Sports to keep up his lifestyle, now he has deiced to share his knowledge on betting with the everyone.

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A quick peak into the book

All on the things you will learn with this book cannot be explained in a short description. You will gain 268 pages of pure knowledge. Here’s just a quick summary of what you will find inside:
Page 1.

Very good overall discussion of betting considerations.

Page 2.

The most honest book. No magic bullet for betting success.

Page 3.

One of the best books ever about how to bet on sports

Page 4.

having a betting plan including strategies was really helpful.

Page 5.

Get your Copy Learn to Bet and Win

Page 6.

Win Win and make money

Page 7.

All on the things you will learn

Read all of those great reviews

Our book is incredible - there is no doubt about it. Those who read it know it already. Read just some of the awesome reviews that are all over the web.

Review Book

Our e-book is incredible - there is no doubt about it. Those who read it know it already. Read just some of the awesome reviews that are all over the web.

  • First of all I need to disclose that I am a beginner in this interest. Secondly I do sometimes base my decisions on the reviews from other fellow readers, yet it has become almost a practice for many writers to procure good reviews for their own selfish good. Thus I took a chance on this book. That being said, I have to say that this is a very well written book, at par the subject matter is explained in a simple and clear matter. What made it an even a better purchase was the fact that when I had questions the author was very prompt in answering them. In a few words this was a wise investment in my behalf.

    - By Elektra
  • The Wagering Man's E-book, has the most useful information techniques for those new to the professional sports betting and if you have had a long career in professional sports betting you will find this e-book valuable also! This book is a true wealth of information and very well organized to easily use as a quick resource later.

    - Bob Hugs
  • This is a very good book for the recreational better looking to put more structure to there process. It's really all based on basic finance principles used to find value in situations where others would easily over look. I do totally agree with some of the reviews who take issue with the whole 60%+ win percentage stuff. He spends a lot of time talking about how much profit you can make as long as you manage your money and win at a minimum of 60% of the time. Pretty obvious but also damn hard to do. It also neglects the fact that you can still make plenty of money with a 45% win percentage betting on the right dogs with the right value. There are multiple references to charts etc that aren't part of the Kindle version or you have to buy one of his "Playbooks" to see, which is bit annoying. I don't know about his value rating system, I have some doubts there, but the scorecard system is similar to some of the things I do and will be using his ideas for sure. All in all though, as a numbers guy appreciate his process and plan on incorporating some of his ideas of finding value into my system.

    By Michael
  • I found tips about betting in this book very practical and I am sure they will increase my probability of winning. I really liked the conversational tone of the book that made me feel that H.M Barnett was talking directly to me. This book has valuable information, is interesting to read and I can certainly recommend it to both beginners and professionals in betting.

    - By Andrei
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    - Miguel Bosse
  • LIf you want to succeed in Sports betting, this one is for you! It can help you to be more competent and determined in the field. Good luck! Great book!

    - By Manjel Burton
  • I've been betting on sports in some capacity for awhile and used to manage to tilt off what I was willing to lose and a little more each time, then quit for awhile. Lacking discipline is bad, but I was also making pretty obvious mistakes where I just couldn't see the other side. I've come a long way to where I can do it and be mildly profitable, and The Wagering Man book crystallizes so much of what I've learned in a clear and coherent manner. Anyone telling how to beat the market consistently is likely full of it - but this book helps you recognize and rethink your approach and understand how the process works. I have recommended this to a number of friends because while they won't listen to me about why their strategy is flawed, this book should whip them into shape.

    By Jimmy Maccau
  • Absolute must-read for a new bettor or someone more advanced who is looking to hone their skills and knowledge. 5 Stars

    - Arnold Torrente
  • Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam turpis metus, ultricies quis coaliquet sed neque. Curabitur turpis dolor,rit sed quam.

    By Eric Shapiro
  • I am a sports betting hobbyist, mostly because my husband is in an NFL pool, betting the dreaded parlay. I knew there had to be a better way. I found Matt by reading his articles and appreciated his upfront approach. If you follow his advice you can actually have fun making your picks and not lose the farm. I recommend this book to anyone wanting to have some fun sports betting.

    By Dale Sullivan
  • Have checked out a bunch of these betting advice books, and this one trumps them all. Especially recommended for someone trying to learn/get into betting. Gives you such a solid foundation. Starts off with basics and then gets into more advanced tips that will give you an edge! Also, very clearly written, and is an easy read!

    By Greg Bach
  • I'm a college student and a big sports fan. Thought trying gambling would be fun, but trying to get some advice. Lot of good tips in here.

    By Hawkfan
  • eading the book alone won't get you rich, but employing the ideas in the book and doing some additional work could certainly help anybody's chances of winning. Very useful information in this book.

    By Mario Money on Sports
  • The author makes it pretty clear that beating a sportsbook is very difficult, but also acknowledges that you can win over the long-term with some discipline and intelligent analysis. The book is filled with tons of methods to improve your sports betting skill. I especially liked the "17 Commandments of Sports Betting"

    By Raymond America
  • Well bought. One of the best books ever bought about this subject.

    By Alba rios
  • Really helps getting organised and what you have to think about. Discussion on staking, having a betting plan including strategies was really helpful.

    By Delano Gray
  • If you want actually a *method* or a *strategy* for betting, go find yourself another book. Mind you, having a method or strategy won't do anything for you if your head is not in tune with it. And that is where this book really shines. I do recommend you buying this book to be a happier, down to earth punter, bettor or eventually a professional.

    By Tito Rios
  • Book's structure presents a detailed program to work on your psychology, more than your technique, when it comes to betting.

    By Marcos D'Santo
  • I bought this book looking forward to have success on my betting. Or, at least, to be proud of how I manage my betting money.

    - Carlos Vargas
  • This book since the first page makes you confront the truth: That betting is a high risk activity in which most people fail. believe it would be helpful to follow this book by taking notes and performing all recommended activities. Think of it as a tutorial you want to get the most of.

    - Jason Morgan
  • I bought this for my husband, a sports bettor for a while now. I wanted to get his win rate up. He read it and is doing a little better, but told me about the principles in the book, so I decided to give it a read. I was very impressed with the strategies related by the author. He related that you should be taking some of the emotion out of your betting and looking at it as an investment, and to think long term.

    By Ana Innes Talluah